I admit I am powerless over Jun – not Benny and Joon, or the month of June, but the Jun that works at Majestic Day Spa in Irvine, where I get frequent (a little too frequent) $35 special reflexology one hour massages.  I don’t even think he knows my name, yet I love him so!  I’m not sure he speaks English. I cannot afford it and I want to quit, yet every time my day goes arwy (which lately seems to be often), I call and book a respite from the world.  Once I am in Jun’s capable hands, he melts away the tension in my neck with his knowledge of Chinese medicine. He knows the exact accupressure spots behind my ears to make me purr.   He helps me sit up when I have to do the arduous task of turning over!  I think I may have fallen asleep today when he was coddling my feet, right after he put a heating pad on my tummy and covered me up to my neck with the blanket.  The highlight was when he climbed on top of my back, on his knees, and stretched out every part of my back, side and arms, all fully clothed and “G” Rated. When he’s done with me, he brings me a little cup of water and bows his head slightly as he hands it to me.  It’s warm he cautions, so I’m not suprised by the temperature.  Jun, please don’t ever move or quit your job.  And a special note to all my friends and clients – if I am ever supposed to meet you for coffee or lunch or an appointment and I forget – this is most likely where I am.

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